Dear Folks,
I invite you to join us on an exploration of artisan metalwork. As an Artist, my quest is to pull historic craftsmanship up through the ages to design & create Artisan Metalwork for the hearth & home today. Custom commissions are welcomed in addition to the pieces we have created for our Gallery.
- Artist-Blacksmith, Alan Drew

Alan Drew at Forge

Artisan-blacksmithing derived from the ancient artisan crafts focused on armor and agriculture, which developed into an art form during the renaissance period. The early techniques and skills were developed and passed down through generations, responding to the materials and desires of the period. Artisan Blacksmithing pays reverence to the ancient practices demanding design with joinery methods that are aesthetically pleasing; heating, hammering and forging to resize the metal, drawing out the depth of character while developing the patina.

There is an intimate relationship between the metal, the artist and the process. Each piece of metal whether mild steel, wrought iron or bronze has a unique elemental composition that responds differently to heat and hammering. In the end, each and every piece carries its own unique character just like the elemental materials from which it was created.

Ace & I need to share the LATEST NEWS! Borroméo Forge is moving the Gallery to the same location as the Blacksmith Forge at 3348 Paul Davis Dr. Suite 105 Marina, CA. It will be open at the end of April and we will post the opening! Thank you for your patience during this transition!.
- Proprietors, Lisa Guthrie & Ace, the Cardigan Corgi

Borromeo Forge Artisan Metalwork Gallery in Carmel, CA

Borroméo Forge calls historic craftsmanship up through the ages creating traditional & modern designs through Fire, Metal & Artistry. We specialize in hand-forged Art for the Hearth with furnishings & fireplace accouterments by Artist-Blacksmith, Alan Drew expressing his deep reverence for historic craftsmanship & artistry. Alan has sculpted and cast bronze chargers for the table complimented by napkin rings and is always busy with custom commissions. Alan Drew makes himself readily available to patrons to discuss their ironwork needs.


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